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Our group focuses on the development of unique nanostructured materials for use in clean, sustainable energy technologies. Specifically, our interests lie in nanostructured material developments for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries and metal-air batteries. These include nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes and graphenes, unique nanostructured metal and metal oxides, along with innovatively combined nanocomposite materials. Learn more

Current Research Projects

  • Metal-Air Battery

    Development of rechargeable Metal-air batteries providing attractive energy storage capabilities... More

  • Li-ion Battery

    Increasing the performance, durability and safety by developing unique electrode materials... More

  • Membrane

    Development of novel ion-conductive membranes utilized in fuel cell and battery technologies... More

  • Fuel Cells

    Development of non-precious catalysts and Pt & Pt-alloy catalysts with unique support materials... More

  • Electrolyser

    High efficiency and durability acheived by utilizing novel nanostructured catalysts for electrolysis... More

  • Nanomaterials

    Advanced nanostructures and materials developed by a variety of different synthesis techniques ... More