Dr. Michael Tam

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One of the key strategic research thrusts of Waterloo is sustainable nanomaterials (SN). In Tam's group, the use and application of SN (e.g. cellulose nanocrystals, cellulose nanofibrils and starch nanoparticles) are being explored. Exciting applications incorporating the use of sustainable nanomaterials in consumer goods, biomedical science, environment, water and energy are being pursued. We collaborate actively with industry and strategic countries (e.g. Singapore and Brazil) in developing innovative solutions that will impact society in a positve way.

We warmly welcome students with NSERC or OGS scholarships and encourage them to join our dynamic group of graduate students and researchers!

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Our clean potable water research project using sustainable nano materials received funding of $112,000 from Grand Challenges Canada!

Congratulations to Dr. Shi and Reynard whose recent papers on novel CNCs for antimicrobial and pH sensor applications were accepted for publication in J. Mater Chem. B and RSC Advances respectively!

Congratulations to Debbie & Flora for winning the 1st & 2nd Schlumberger prize on sustainable nanomaterials at the 64th CSCheE Conf. at Niagara Falls, Oct 2014

Congratulations to Debbie Wu whose recent paper on conductive CNC for super capacitor application has been accepted in J. Mater Chem. A!

Congratulations to Reynard whose recent paper on Pickering emulsion using responsive polymer grafted CNC was published in Biomacromolecules (2014)!

Congratulations to Li Chen, whose recent paper on magnetic CNC was published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (2014)!

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